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International Journal of Endorsing Health Science Research (IJEHSR) aims to promote local and regional research within the domain of achieving global goals. We focus mainly on Pakistan and other developing countries to provide their recent researches and integrate them with international standards & practices.

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E: ISSN: 2310-3841 | P: ISSN: 2307-3748

This quarterly, open access, peer-reviewed research journal was initially proposed as a biannual journal by the advisory board of the “International Conference on Endorsing Health Science Research (ICEHSR)” on 15th February 2013 and modified into a quarterly publication in 2015.

Prof. Dr. Syed Abdul Aziz, Ph.D.


Syed Abdul Aziz achieved his Ph.D. in Breast Cancer Genetics from the University of Karachi, Pakistan. He continued with his postdoctoral training at the University of Ottawa, Canada…

Prof. Dr. Yeong Yeh Lee, Ph.D.

Co-Editor-in-Chief & Managing Editor

Yeong Yeh Lee, after his gastroenterology fellowship completed his Ph.D. in Glasgow, United Kingdom, and later a postdoctoral fellowship in the United States. He has published in high-impact journals including …

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Comparison of visual outcome in senile cataract after phacoemulsification and manual small incision cataract surgery.
Expression of Tp53 and USP7 during development of lungs in mouse model.
In vitro Characterization of Enterococcus faecium strain LCM08 as a probiotic
Effect of Nature-based physical activity on post-traumatic growth among Healthcare providers with post-traumatic Stress
The ‘Art’ of Science and Research: Jabir Ibn Hayyan Laid the Foundation
Epigenetic Modifications lead towards Neurodegeneration

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International Conference on Endorsing Health Science Research

International Conference of Endorsing Health Science Research has been a platform since 10 years for researchers from all over the world to exchange their thoughts on research and future developments in health sciences. AEIRC believes that satisfactory development in Health care and research is a necessity of time & ICEHSR has been designed to sketch the needs of the community, to translate basic scientific findings into interventions that are significant to increase understanding of disease processes as well as to improve the quality of life in sufferers.